About us

We are one of the leading companies in the reinforced concrete structures manufacturing services at a global level. For over 70 years we have developed a comprehensive system based on the innovation and modernisation of our processes, maintaining our people, service vocation and business diligence as fundamental cornerstones.

In the 50’s we began to forge our history

We have collaborated and participated in many of the most iconic projects in the different countries where we operate, creating a structure of production facilities which enables us to offer services to our national and international clients, undertaking and executing projects of all types and sizes.


    Through the creation of value based on a valuable industrial service model and investments adapted to the actual needs of each market which enables us to sustain the same level of innovation and industrialisation whilst maintaining a solid and balanced financial structure.


    The group has undertaken a measured and sustainable expansion plan, based on three fundamental aspects: diligence and business excellence, mutual learning and adaptation to the idiosyncrasies of each country, and the ability to combine our experience and infrastructure with the usages and practices of each country.


    Experience becomes service and our construction process has evolved under these premises. In each country where we operate, we do so under a comprehensive industrial system which adapts to the requirements and demands of each project through industrial plants equipped with the most modern and productive machinery

  • TEAM

    A company that has been in the market for over 70 years and has been able to adapt a solid and sustainable working model in each of the countries where it operates, has only one meaning, it has and has had the best professionals throughout its history. The key which has made the Ferralia Group one of the leading groups in the sector has been its people.


    The construction sector is constantly evolving, resulting in an increasingly competitive environment. The Ferralia Group has been able to adapt to the inherent requirements of this competitiveness through innovation in its production process and continued investment in its industrialisation.


    We are proud to be considered as a serious and reliable company. Throughout our history this has been our primary objective. In these more than 70 years of history, every client, project, supplier, financial institution or person who has collaborated with us, has seen a company that is involved, serious, with an extraordinary service vocation, and a commitment and business ethics as inherent premises.