Products and services

Our work is providing our clients with the highest quality certified products and materials in each of the countries where we operate, but what really identifies us is the manner in which services are provided through these materials. Our comprehensive industrial system has made us one of the world’s leading companies in the sector.

70 years offering industrial solutions

The Ferralia Group through its extraordinary experience, has developed a comprehensive system which provides its clients and the projects where the company operates with the centralisation of all the processes entailed in the service.


Working under a comprehensive system in an industrial manner eliminates uncertainty and deviation in project costs, increasing its productivity in an outstanding fashion.

In this fashion our clients are freed from the management of aspects which are not relevant to their final objective, such as the purchase of the different consumables and personnel management, the logistics and transport process, design and engineering control, shrinkage or trimming, risk prevention management, quality management etc., leaving the entire management of the item in the hands of a specialised company and focusing their efforts on key aspects of their business.

Working under a comprehensive industrial system eliminates uncertainty and deviations in project costs, thus significantly increasing the productivity of the project.

The management applied by the Ferralia Group on the steel value chain up to its installation and concreting has an impact as an absolute control, preventing the lack of coordination and productivity generated by the participation of many different suppliers in the management of the same item.