Tunnel segments – Metro Line 2

Key data

Line 2 and the branch line of Line 4 of the Lima metro will have thirty-five stations and will cover thirty-five kilometres, of which more than twenty-two kilometres will be excavated by means of tunnel boring machines. Precast concrete ring stones will be used to support and line the tunnels. These precast concrete ring stones will consist of seven segments. The structure of these reinforced concrete rings (segments) will have a steel frame skeleton. The reinforcement supporting the concrete which makes up the rings (segments) is designed according to the type of soil these penetrate. Throughout the tunnel, the rings will have three different types of steel reinforcement.

System implemented

Industrial steel reinforcement framing service, preliminary segment sizing on site.

To assemble the segments on site, welding devices and assembly stretchers were installed at the El Callao plant, according to the geometry and reinforcement of each of the segments, as well as the stockpiling elements of the reinforcement already installed and.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures


El Callao Segment Plant.

Laying out of tunnel support rings: District Municipality of Ate Segments – Óvalo Garibaldi; Line-2. And Gambeta – Carmen de la Legua; Line-4


A.G.F. Group, S.A.



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