Las Delicias Railway Station. Zaragoza

Key data

The Zaragoza-Delicias Railway Station, also known simply as “Delicias” is a railway station located in the Spanish city of Zaragoza, built for the Gestor de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (GIF) (Railway Infrastructure Management).

Having a surface area of 18.8 ha divided between services for visitors in general and spaces occupied directly for transport functions. For rail transport alone, it has ten tracks, with a length of 400 m for each platform. On the south façade of the station there were plans to build the Aragon Railway Museum, under an imposing cantilevered canopy, but it was never constructed and remained unfinished. The main façade, to the north, overlooks the meander of the Ebro River and the Expo 2008 area, with an enormous geometrical arabesque of straight lines.

One of the most innovative elements of this project is its roof, which from a distance offers an extraordinary profile with its large diagonal arches over the body of the building, a roof of tetrahedrons that capture the light and its large scale, reminiscent of an inverted catenary.

The main roof has a surface area of 44,000 m² and is composed of a triangular chessboard-like mesh of alternating triangles of light and shadow, providing the station with natural light. In the central platform area, the ceiling height reaches 30 metres, in a space where there is not a single column to support the 4.4 ha of roof, full of skylights arranged in the form of a triangular mesh. Its planform is that of a “staggered rhomboid”, composed of the union of the silhouettes of five parallel rectangular modules (each measuring 22 m × 395 m, offset by 22 m on the longest side from the next). The free span of the roof is 110 m. The unusual arrangement of the arches supporting the roof (offset by 45° from the sides of the nave) means that the span of the roof exceeds 150 m between supports.

Project type

Large-scale infrastructures – Construction


Zaragoza – Spain


Ferrovial – FCC



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