Villa El Salvador Stadium

Key data

The works were earmarked for the construction of a multi-sports centre created to host various sporting events for the 2019 Pan American Games. It was constructed on a surface area of approximately 49,000 square metres and has a capacity for over 6,200 spectators.

System implemented

Comprehensive steel construction service: Supply, fitting out and industrially reinforced steel reinforcement, and installation of steel already sized and/or reinforced “in situ”, of the various structures which made up the work.

  • The foundations of the work were executed on a direct foundation to the ground. This foundation consisted of the construction of a solid, perimeter slab which bordered the pit in which a posteriori the future sports fields would be located. This slab had a greater volume and size in the areas where the verticals of the work emerged.
  • On this foundation emerged the columns that served as a base for the placement of the stands which would hold the spectators. The medical, administrative, press and logistical facilities of the sports complex were located under the stands.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures


Department of Lima; Districts of Villa el Salvador


Consorcio OHL – JE Constructores (Consortium)



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