Uruguay Central Railway

Key data

Construction and maintenance of 273 km of railway tracks between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros, adapting same to a higher standard which will enable freight trains to run at 80 kilometres per hour and 22.5 tonnes per axle.

In addition to the Paso de los Toros – Montevideo route, the GVC will work on secondary track branches, reason why a total of 340 kilometres of railway tracks will be laid. The new route is identical to the existing one to a great extent, which facilitates its implementation and limits land movements and the requirement for demolitions and expropriations.

Stations and bridges. As part of the project, the 25 stations and passenger stops will be modernised and the existing structures on the current track will be upgraded.

Trenches. At certain points, the project envisages the construction of new structures, generally to eliminate points of interference between rail and road traffic. This is true in particular of the construction of six trenches which enable the separation of road and rail traffic by relocating one of the two below level and keeping the other at level.

System implemented

The Ferralia Group will carry out the steel shaping, reinforcement and installation. To this end, providing a solution adapted to the requirements of the project through an industrial plant equipped with a modern machinery system which will enable us to undertake the entire reinforcement frame production and manufacture process, centralised through this unit and leading to the installation of the steel in the project with our personnel and resources.

In this manner, through a comprehensive system which will bring together, through Ferralia, the entire process up to the delivery of the installed steel for concreting, the strict execution milestones will be met.

During the process, in many stages of this iconic project, the design of reinforced concrete structures will be used through BIM technologies and own IT developments for those units which are susceptible to modelling due to their difficulty and need for foresight in the execution.

In this manner we will inject the project with an optimisation and efficiency in the manufacturing and installation process which will generate a high production and a cost reduction in excess of 16.5% in the item.

Project type

Large-scale infrastructures – Railway works.




Central Railway construction consortium.