Lima Yellow Line

Key data

This includes the construction of an urban dual carriageway, generally overhead, which will decongest traffic flows in the northern sector of Lima.

System implemented

Comprehensive steel construction service: supply, fitting out and industrially reinforced steel reinforcement in piles.

  • The expressway borders the Rimac River and is built on insubstantial shallow alluvial soils. For this reason, a deep foundation -piles- was constructed to provide consistency and support for the loads that the foundations would withstand.
  • Due to the awkward and narrow situation of the frontage, with insufficient space to work “in situ”, all the piles had to be assembled in the workshop, supplying these to the site in the lengths requested by the construction companies. For this purpose, “piles assembled in a single section” of up to twenty-six metres in length (26 metres) were sent to the site, using extendable and articulated trucks for their transport.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures


Department of Lima; North of Cercado de Lima, Bordering the Rimac River.


  • Graña y Montero, S.A.
  • Soletanche Vachy, S.A.
  • Mota-Engil, S.A.
  • Incotec Perú, S.A.


3.800 executed in various structures

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