Talara Refinery Modernisation

Key data

Comprising the installation of 16 state-of-the-art process units and 17 service systems and general facilities which will enable the refinery to process 95,000 barrels per day and produce fuels. The cost of upgrading the refinery is estimated at US$5 billion, reducing sulphur content from 1,700 parts per million (ppm) to 50 (ppm).

System implemented

Comprehensive steel construction service; Supply, industrial fitting out of reinforcement steel, and installation of the steel already sized “in situ”, of the various structures which made up the work.

  • Excavation of the land to form a direct foundation thereon, on which footings, stands and racks were built to support the installations installed on these (distillation reactors, condensers, turbines, generators, coolers etc.).
  • The foundations of the large crude and refining tanks were also constructed, the building faces of which were made of metal plates, giving the tank a cylindrical shape.
  • The refinery’s administrative buildings were constructed at the same time.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures – Hydraulic and Maritime Works


City of Talara (Department of Piura – Peru


Construction stage: Constructora San José (construction company)

Civil Works Stage: Graña y Montero

Civil Works Stage: Balzola


8.000 ejecutadas

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