Ventilation shafts – Lima Metro Line 2

Key data

This includes the construction of circular and successive rings, one under each other, to support the ground, containment and excavation, until reaching the tunnel clearance level.

System implemented

Comprehensive steel service for construction; Supply, industrial fitting out of reinforcement steel, and installation of the steel already sized “in situ”, of the various structures which made up the work, after prior excavation of the circular area, and preparation of the formwork against the ground, the reinforcement is executed in the form of a ring around the perimeter of the excavated area. Once the first ring has been executed and anchored against the ground, the area corresponding to the next ring is excavated underneath same, and this process is carried out for all the successive rings.

The work consists of the excavation of vertical shafts for ventilation, (generally approximately 17 metres of excavation diameter, and between 20 and 30 metres deep, in rings of approximately two metres in height).

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures


Department of Lima; Route from the District Municipality of Ate to the District Municipality of Callao.


Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterraneas.

Obras Subterraneas, S.A.

Consorcio La Colectora, (Geotúnel, S.L., Construcciones y Promociones Balzola Sucursal del Peru) (Consortium).


2.400 executed in several wells

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