Villena Twin Bridge. Miraflores

Key data

The second Villena bridge was built parallel to the existing bridge and with a similar architecture to that of its predecessor.

This new bridge increased into two traffic lands via roadway splitting between two of the busiest areas of Miraflores, has reduced traffic congestion by over 60% during peak traffic hours.

System implemented

Comprehensive steel construction service; Supply, fitting out and installation of the steel already sized “in situ”, of the various structures which made up the work.

  • The foundations of the bridge were laid directly on the ground, executed with two footings, one at each end of the bridge, each excavated to a 21 m depth.
  • The bridge structure is completed with two reinforced concrete arches, which are supported on the foundations. The arches are of variable depth with a box section upper deck.
  • The construction of the arches was carried out progressively on each side of the infrastructure, to that end, using travelling cranes, which enabled executing the central part of the deck under a progressive cantilever system.
  • Continuity connectors were used to connect the central segments of the rods.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures


District of Miraflores, Lima-Peru


Consorcio Villena

  • Corporación Mayo S.A.C.
  • Constructora Duran SA.
  • Constructora y Promotora Balzola SA.


650 ejecutadas

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