Nanay Bridge

Key data

The bridge will have an eclectic structure something in between an extradosed bridge and a viaduct, starting with 80 metres of rigid pavement on the Avenida La Marina side, followed by a 1,347 metre continuous viaduct; followed by the 320 metre extradosed bridge (referred to as the Nanay Extradosed Bridge), and ending with a 232 metres access viaduct connecting with Santo Tomás.

System implemented

Comprehensive steel construction service; Supply, industrial fitting out of reinforcing steel, and “in situ” reinforcement of the piles which make up the foundations.

  • Deep Foundations (Piles), for the execution of the bridge towers and anchoring piles for the stay cables.
  • Piles executed with a 1.80 diameter, with 60 metre depths, and with a weight of fifty-eight tonnes (58 Tonnes).
  • The piles were assembled “in situ”, transporting for that purpose, -via river-, the personnel, the supplies of pre-assembled steel reinforcement, connectors, assembly equipment, welding and other necessary supplies to the city of Iquitos to execute the works at that location.
  • The pile reinforcement frames had the peculiarity of having groups of steel bars. The assembly and hoisting of the piles was carried out in 12-metre sections, connecting the pile sections vertically. – Due to the complexity of the connection and the dense reinforcement, a system was devised to divide the pile reinforcement in two, “intrados and extrados”, in order to make a staggered connection.

Project type

Large-scale civil infrastructures – Bridges and viaducts


Department of Loreto/Iquitos – Peru


Consorcio Puentes de Loreto (Consortium)



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