Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Remodelling

Key data

The remodelling of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium to become one of the most modern stadiums in the world.

To this end, a structural alternative is proposed to guarantee the use of the stadium during the execution of the works, drastically reducing the interventions on the pitch and stands and separating the construction of the stadium roof from the works on the new buildings. The proposed structural alternative uses as basic elements two east-west and four north-south fastened trusses which transfer their vertical loads to four new construction elements. In the west, to two new evacuation towers, and in the east, to two pillars located in the existing towers.

In the first season, the dismantling of the north and south roofs commenced. The west towers, the multi-purpose building and stands and east façade would be demolished during the second summer. The east and west roofs dismantled and the trusses raised. In the second season, the east beam will be dismantled and the transverse trusses and the new roof on the eastern side of the stadium will be erected. The third summer will be used to assemble the east roof, the museum beam and the façade structure.

Project type

Large-scale infrastructures – Sports facilities


Madrid – Spain




3.000 Tonnes – Stage 1 – Foundation – Piles

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