Torre Espacio (Space Tower)

Key data

Torre Espacio (Space Tower) is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Spain and the 24th tallest in Europe. Measuring 224 metres in height and 56 floors above ground level. The maximum height is 230 metres (including the Spanish flag on the rooftop). The facade is covered exclusively with glass and the floors, which have a square base, change as the height increases until becoming an ogival shape, forming a curve that mathematically represents the cosine function.

System implemented

The Ferralia Group simultaneously executed two of the four skyscrapers which were constructed in Madrid, Spain.

It was undertaken under a comprehensive service; supply, manufacture of reinforcing steel, industrial pre-assembly and installation of the steel “in situ”, of the various structures which made up the work.

The super structure of the Torre Espacio (Space Tower) was made from reinforced concrete, with circular section columns which vary in diameter as they ascend, from ∅1,200 cm in the underground floors to ∅60 cm in the topmost floors. As the structure ascends and the curtain wall curves, some of these columns must be placed at an inclination and in other cases these disappear.

The foundations of the tower are addressed by means of a 4 m deep large slab, depth which is slightly larger than the footprint of said tower, so that the average stresses transferred to the ground remain below the admissible limits indicated by the geotechnical consultant (0.70 MPa).

Project type

Construction – Large-scale infrastructures


Madrid – Spain





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